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  1. Family Immigration Pattern

Louis and Jenny (#P79) immigrated to the port of New York on January 8, 1923 aboard the S.S. Lapland. The passenger record shows "Lejzor", an 18-year old student, and "Szejna", a 12-year old scholar arriving from their last permanent residence of Wlodzimierzec, in the Pinsk Region, which was also list as their birthplace. The name of the nearest relative they left behind was their Aunt Brocha Justem in Wlodzimierzec. Their destination in America is to their Uncle Morris Burks at 2102 Division Street in South Bend, Indiana.

  1. Genealogical Data

Morris Burke
In 1920 Morris Burke was living at 2102 Division Street in South Bend, IL. He was 41 years old, and had immigrated in 1909. He owned a confectionary store. He was living with his wife Mary, age 41, and his children Solomon (20), Ida (17), Sarah (16), Charley (10), Jake (5), Anna (3), and Joseph (2 months).

Zalmon Dekelboum
The 1920 Census shows Zalmon Deckelboum, age 39, living at 404 Navarre, in South Bend, IN. He was a lawyer living with his wife Dora, age 38. According to Allen Dekelboum, Virginia Dekelboum was Zalmon’s second wife.

Avraham Mordechai/Brocha
The following information was told to me by Allen Dekelboum (Louis’s son): Avraham was born in Rafalovka and at some point moved to Vladimerez. He came to the USA in 1914 with an Uncle Burke. He returned to Vladimerez to get his family, but was drafted into the army and killed in 1915 or 1916. The only children of Avraham to immigrate were Louis and Jenny. When they came to America in 1923 they lived with the Burke family in South Bend, Indiana. Avraham’s sister Brocha married a Wallach, and her son Louis (Lehb) lived in Detroit.

  1. Avraham Mordechai/Brocha Deckelbaum

1 Avraham’s Father DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1841
  +Avraham’s Mother ?
. 2 Avraham Mordechai DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1870 Rafalovka d: 1914
.... +Leah SCHWARTZBLAT b: Polovlo d: Abt. 1916
.... 3 Yankel DECKELBAUM d: Unknown
.... 3 Gedalia DECKELBAUM d: Unknown
.... 3 Miriam DECKELBAUM d: Unknown
.... 3 Esther DECKELBAUM d: Unknown
.... 3 Louis DECKELBAUM b: May 1, 1904 d: March 1977 CA
....... +Annie EISELMAN b: Vladimerez
.... 3 Jenny DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1911
....... +Ben MARGOLIS
.... +? WALLACH
.... 3 Louis WALLACH
. 2 ? DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1861
.... 3 Zalman DEKELBOUM b: Abt. 1881 Russia
....... +Dora ? b: Abt. 1882 Poland
.... *2nd Wife of Zalman DEKELBOUM:
....... +Virginia ? b: January 14, 1894 d: June 1972 Scottsdale, AZ