The following list represents the various Deckelbaum families I was able to piece together. For each family I have documented my research, including passenger records, census data, naturalization papers, and death certificates. I have also included an abbreviated family tree for each family.*

* Please note that for privacy reasons I have tried not to include the names of any living individuals. The documents that are displayed in these pages were obtained from the National Archives, the Family History Library (LDS church), and from records offices of various city and county governments.
Hinda Deckelbaum (left) with children Si & Irving and unknown female, c. 1912 Deckelbaums in Rafalovka (and nearby shtetls.)

In 1906, Rafalovka was a small shtetl, with around 100 Jewish families. It was part of the Russian Empire, located in the gubernia (province) of Volhynia. Dr. Alexander Beider, who has written several books on Jewish Surnames in Russia and Poland, provided me with the following list of Deckelbaum names. These names were taken from voter registration lists, which were at that time published in newspapers. Only men who were over 25 years old and who met certain property requirements were allowed to vote.

Deckelbaums of Rafalovka (Lutsk District), 1906
  • Chaim Ovshiovich (Chaim, the son of Joshua) - Family #2
  • Usher Ovshiovich (Asher, the son of Joshua) - Family #2
  • Mordko Yankelevich (Mordecai, the son of Jacob) - Family #3
  • Avrum Gersh Gershonovich (Abraham Hirsch, the son of Gershon) - Family #7
  • Meer Yos'Lejzerovich (Meir Joseph, the son of Eliezer)
  • Srul'Vol'f Yankelevich (Israel Wolf, the son of Jacob)
  • Yos' Lejb Ajzikovich (Joseph Leib, the son of Aizik)
  • Yos'Yankelevich (Joseph, the son of Jacob)
  • Lejzor Vol'fovich (Eliezer, the son of Wolf) - Family #8 (?)
  • Lejzor Yosiovich (Eliezer, the son of Joseph) - Family #1
  • Gedal Yosiovich (Gedaliah, the son of Joseph) - Family #1
  • Avrum Yosiovich (Abraham, the son of Joseph) - Family #1

Eliezar, Gedaliah, and Abraham (10th, 11th, and 12th on the list) are my two great-granduncles and my great-grandfather, respectively.

Deckelbaums of Kolki (Lutsk District), 1906
  • Zel'man Avrum-Lejbovich (Zelman, the son of Abraham Leib) - Family #13
  • Avrum-Lejb Meerovich (Abraham Leib, the son of Meir) - Family #13
Deckelbaums of Rovno District, 1906
  • Dekelbaum, Moyshe-Yos' Yoynovich (Moses Joseph, son of Jonah) from Stepan
  • Dekelboym, Moshko Tsalevich (Moses, the son of Betzalel)
Deckelbaums of Pinsk District
  • Aron Gershonovich (Aaron, the son of Gershon) from Telekhany, 1912 - Family #7
  • Leyzer Meerovich (Eliezer, the son of Meir), Brestskaya Street, house of Livshits, 1907