Joseph Deckelbaum's Memoirs: During the late 1980s, Joseph Deckelbaum was interviewed by Freda Leffell (his first cousin). Joseph was born in 1923 in Rafalovka, after most of his extended family had already left Russia for the US and Canada. Joseph's memoirs describe his life in Rafalovka as a child and as a young man.

Isadore Deckelbaum Isadore Deckelbaum's Memoirs: Isadore Deckelbaum was born in Rafalovka in 1899. He was the eldest son of Gedalia. He left Rafalovka in 1920 with his siblings and his mother (his father had immigrated earlier). He wrote his memoirs late in his life at the urging of his children. The first installment of the memoirs deal with his memories of his life as a younger child in Rafalovka. The second installment deals with the time just before he and the rest of his family fled Russia for the USA.